Agri Produce Xchange


  • Agri Produce Xchange (AGX) is a holistic business platform that creates value by facilitating  exchanges between two or more independent groups, usually consumers and producers.


  • AGX facilitate exchanges by reducing transaction costs enabling externalised innovation.  


  • AGX with its connected technology, facilitate the exchange of value produced by decentralised networks off individuals at unprecedented scale. 


  • The core functions of the AGX business platform is to facilitate partners (farmers, traders, retail chains, processing units, corporates) to join, then aid them by matching together, providing the technology to facilitate the transaction and establishing the rule that govern the network in order to build trust and maintain quality.

  • Agri Produce Xhange is an agri-value-chain (AVC), aims at representing the agricultural supply chain in the country that refers to the value based system at a combined level, to the overall system-wide correlation between value chains of the producer, market channels, retailer, processor and consumer to ensure maximising value addition, minimising wastage, increasing farmers income and creating employment opportunities particularly in rural sector.


  • Agri Produce Xchange is an efficient and competitive agricultural marketing system and ensure an effective transfer of agricultural commodities from farmer to the consumers. It also facilitates in providing market incentive and production signals to farmers, balancing the demand and supply of agricultural commodities and ensuring efficient utilisation of agricultural resources.


  • Monetisation is traditionally described as the conversion of an object into a medium of exchange, from the prospective of farmer, agricultural produce is a unit of value, which via sale transaction is converted into currency.  The purpose of monetisation in the context of income approach to agriculture is to capture the best possible value of the produce for the farmer.  


  • Another important issue that has direct impact on the agriculture produce monetisation is the extent to which the volume of produce harvested in monetised.  Higher the loss that occurs between the farm gate and market place, lower is the quantum of produce monetised.  


  • Agri Produce Xchange not only maximise the price discovery through an efficient marketing system, but also facilitates best in class agri value chain that enable the farmer to benefit from as large a share as possible in the end consumer’s rupee.  

Agri Value Chain
Platform Objectives
  • Farmer centric National Networked Agri Value Chain for Producers and Consumers

  • Hub & Spoke system to facilitate value addition and minimise wastage

  • Precision Agriculture observing, measuring and responding to inter and intra-field variability in crops optimising results on inputs


  • Mortgage Farmer Future Crop Incomes


  • Marketing Intelligence System to provide demand lead decision support system forecasting agriculture produce, demand of supply and crop area estimation to aid price stabilisation​​

Platform Applications

Meet The Team

Veera Arava

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Veera having worked for top corporate companies in India for almost two decades in varies capacities with 20+ years of enterprise consulting experience specialised in business process engineering has been the instrumental in conceiving and developing the platform Agri Produce Xchange.

Phani Kumar Arava

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Phani Kumar, masters from Ohio State University USA, and with best known global technical certifications has worked extensively on Operating Systems, Network Technologies, Opensource Technologies, SAP, SUSE, RedHat, Openstack  and IT Security.  Phani Kumar is the Chief Architect of the platform.


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